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Quick Tip – Goo Gone

Goo-Gone is one of the products we used to remove sticky residue from our items left behind from tape or price tags. It works pretty well.

googone Goo-Gone

It can be oily and we suggest using just a drop or squirt on a rag or napkin.

A little goes a long way. I sometimes can use the same drop on the napkin to clean several surfaces. It works best on surfaces that are plastic or have a plastic coating on them. It also works well on finished wood and metal tins. However, you should not use it on paper, un- coated cardboard or glass.

Here’s a tip or two we learned while using Goo-Gone.

TIP 1 : When using Goo-Gone on a dust jacket or cover to remove adhesive, ensure that you remove the cover from the item. For example, if cleaning the front of an Xbox 360 game or DVD movie, remove the cover art.

paper insert

Most cover art will slip right out of the plastic of the case. The Goo Gone can seep around the edge, and will leave an oily stain on the artwork.Using too much goo be gone can leave a product greasy feeling. Be sure to wipe of with a dry rag or paper towel excess goo-gone.

TIP 2: When using Goo-Gone on game boards or coated cardboard pieces. Always test a small spot first lightly. Some coated items including games boards and box covers can spot through the coating and leave a stain.


Also be careful of wiping the edges of a game board. The edges are usually not coated. They will absorb the oil leaving your board possibly damaged.


If it looks like the finish is fragile it probably is…so be careful using Goo-Gone on it. Oil damage will lower the value of your game or item.