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Some quick tips when listing Collectible Games on Amazon

I wanted to just write some quick tips that came to mind while listing collectible games on Amazon. (We are working on some right now.)
1) Make sure that you are reading the product description carefully. Some games have multiple years under the same UPC. Check the cover art, the year written on the box, the year on the instructions, or any other distinguishing dates and marks.
2) Check the other offers that are available for your buyers. Here is a screenshot of a game that we are working on right now.
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If you read the actual offers, you will see that many of the games are not complete. This is a violation of Amazon’s listing policies, and it is very common. Instead of worrying about them breaking the rules though, let’s focus on what it means for us. It means that the first complete set, with a complete box, is listed at $76.00.
This is one of the reasons a lot of repricing software does not reprice against collectibles
3)Replacement parts. If your game is close to complete, then you can usually find the replacement parts on Ebay for cheap, then list the complete game.
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Another idea is to part out your board game and sell the individual pieces. In this case, you can almost make as much from parting out the game as you can from selling it on Amazon. It would just take a little longer, with more steps. Either way, there is value in looking at the game and the pieces.
You can also hold onto the games until you find another one, and put them together.
Good luck, and happy hunting!

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