Pack Outside the Box

Have you ever heard the expression “think outside the box”?

Try packing outside the box.

Did you know that you can bubble wrap unusual shaped or very large items several times and ship them at the post office, UPS or FED EX that way without placing it inside a box? It’s true.

Some people are stuck in the old tradition of packing inside a box. Bubble wrap can be a light cheap way of getting your item shipped and help prevent your package from being damaged at the same time.This can also save you some change on packaging, since cardboard adds to the weight of your item and buying cost of boxes.

Now, for breakable items or appliances, I would not suggest packing only in bubble wrap. Here’s a small list of items that I have packed or seen packed like this:

A sit n spin, big cloth dolls and hard baby dolls, a big metal pot & metal cook ware, a large toy car, a game controller, purses, shoes & boots, toy vacuum, a fishing pole, a toaster, fake plants, gift baskets, a car seat and so much more.

Q: Can’t you can see what I’m shipping through the bubble wrap?

A: No, not if you wrap it well or even use paper to wrap it first. Newspapers make for great packing material, is hard to see-through and is lighter than a box.

Bubble wrap that is bought in bulk is usually cheaper, There are several online places that you can search for the cheapest deals. Bubble wrap can also can be re-used from packages you receive as long as the air bubbles are still intact. If not…you can re use bubble wrap as a plastic wrap. Plastic makes for a good filler as well for packages.

You can also plastic wrap then brown paper items that you don’t have a box for. Brown paper is super cheap. The Dollar Store usually has rolls of brown paper for just a buck.Looking for free? Try your local grocery store for a pile of brown paper bags. Paper bags can be cut and used for wrapping and it’s also a form of recycling.We all know recycling is good.

So next time you can’t find the right size box…try packing outside the box.

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