Fundamental ideas.

There are some fundamental ideas that I believe have shifted the way that I look at work.

1)  You must provide something of value.

People are willing to pay for the things that they find useful, or that they enjoy.  If I build something that takes 10 minutes or two years to produce the same item, it makes no difference to them.  Productivity, not time spent, is the important factor.

2)  It is best to have multiple streams of income.

What happens when the software system you are using crashes?  When all of the people that are interested in your product already own it?  What about a shift in the general economy, or some type of true casualty?  It is important to have multiple ways to make a living.  If you have a traditional job, and that emplyer decides they don’t want to pay you anymore, then you have no resources to fall back on.  People save and invest, in order to have a cushion.  Why not make your abilities your cushion?  Learning the right skill sets is way more important than having the right amount of money in the bank.

3)  Physical and financial freedom are important to me, and within my reach.

With the way that the world is connected now, there is very little reason for my personal body to be limited to a specific location.  If I want to see something, take a picture.  If I want to call someone, pick up a phone.  If I need to get something from point A to point B, there are people willing to do that, while I can focus on making sure the right things are moving in the right directions.

4)  Passion and interest are the most determining factors.  Do what you love, find what other people love.

People that are collectors will pay 100’s of thousands of dollars for unique items that are significant to them.  People that need to learn the proper skills, will pay a large amount of money to someone that can teach them those skills.  Even everyday normal people will pay money for things that make their lives easier, more fun, or more exciting.  If you care about something, it has worth for you.  It is actually the only thing that determines an items worth, is how much you can get someone to care about it.

There are some ideas that are important to relinquish.

1)  All the good ideas are taken.

This will never happen, ever.  If you discover someone else has taken or used the idea that you had, then your next task is to improve upon their idea.  Find areas of your life that don’t run as smoothly as you would like.  Then find ways to make them more enjoyable,  Trust that other people have the same problems, and would love for someone to solve them.

2)  It is too hard.

Trusting your well-being and your families well being to the mercies of other people is truly hard.  You have learned some skill set to perform your current job, something that people from outside of your work area might think is difficult.  why not learn skill sets that make all jobs easier?  Learning how to learn, learning how to question, and learning how to research are all the skills you will ever need.

3)  Everyone already knows these things, or offers these products. 

There is room for competition.  No matter how big the competition, there is always someone that can make a better, cheaper, faster, more bells and whistles, more simplified, easier, larger, or smaller version.  Think of the biggest companies in the world.  Now realize there is always at least two, and many more generics/knockoffs etc.

4)  If it was so easy to achieve independence, everyone would do it.

This is the issue that I had to face.  I kept thinking if it truly is easy to step off of the beaten path, then everyone would do it.  That is just not true.  It’s like saying that everyone is capable of leaving a bad relationship.  Or that everyone keeps searching until they find the job that makes them happy.  Unfortunately, most people are content with keeping their heads down and following the pack.  In order to be truly free, you have to look for the people that make their own trails, and learn from them.  All true progress is made from not following the majority, but working with and learning from the innovaters. 

If you can absorb these ideas, then you are off to a good start.  Recognize that almost anything can be taught.  The skills that you manage to build determine whether you become someone that makes their own destiny, or follows someone elses dreams.

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