Fun Fillers for Free!

Everyone loves FREE stuff, right?

Why buy tissue paper, bubble wrap, wrapping paper and packing peanuts when you can fill your package for free in a fun way?

Fun Fetti:

Do you have a paper shredder? Paper makes a great filler. If you do, shred your old newspapers, cereal boxes, mail or even those pesky junk mail flyers and use it as fun soft filler for your packages. Mixing different shredding sizes also will help give your package a unique inner look. It’s like your package had a party!



Crinkle Cuts:

No shredder, no problem. Remember making paper fans as a child? Use a pair of scissors and cut your paper into thin or thick strips. Length and width doesn’t matter. Fold the paper back and forth creating a ripple effect. Toss it in your packages. Fun, fast…heck even the little ones can help with it.


Nifty Knots:

Paying for packing peanuts are in the past…people. Nifty knots are the new free cool way of filling packages.

Use those plastic bags that your groceries and clothing come in, as packing material. Rip or cut them into thick strips. Tie the strip into a loose knot or several loose knots depending on how long your strip is. If you make several knots, space them out and then cut between them to make them look like old fashion candy drops.Drop them in your package.The more colorful your plastic bags are, the more nifty your packages become.

These are just some of many ideas you can do to make your fillers fun and free. If you have other ideas or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below describing it or email us with your creative idea  and pictures so that we may share it with others.

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