Follow your passion to wealth, or follow your wealth to passion.

One of the amazing things about striving to change things, is that you feel like you are onto something.  Like maybe the average man has blinders on, and you have been freed to see that life doesn’t have to be mediocre.  You don’t have to work in jobs that are ok, or good enough.  That you can find something that you truly enjoy, something that makes you happy, and choose to live your life doing that.  If you take a second and look at some of the experts out there, you can see that they are very specialized.  I was watching an episode of Pawn Stars the other day, or Storage Wars, can’t remember which.  What I do remember is that they had to consult an expert on an item.  This expert specialized in Elvis Presley memorabilia, from a very specific period in Elvis’s life.  I remember thinking “Wow, you can’t get much more specialized than that!”.  What was important was that he found something he truly liked, and made his passion his job.  If you think that your passion can’t be your way of making money, then don’t make your job your only way to make money!  Utilize leverage and knowledge to make money, then use your free time and newly freed resources to do whatever you want!  There are millions of people out there willing to do things for the minimum wage.  There are people that are content delivering your products, building your widgets, and advertising for you.  Let them.  Focus your time and effort on the things that you care about, and let other people that are willing to settle for less help you.  Just remember, you always want to make win-win solutions.  If you can employ other people, and help them provide for their families, that is a great thing.  Don’t take advatage of other people, just because they still have their blinders on.  Help them to achieve the things that they want to do with their life.

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