Brown is the New Green

Did you know that most grocery stores will give you brown paper bags if you ask for them? Most of the time, grocery stores even offer them for free as an alternative to plastic. Now a days, “Going Green” means “Going Brown”.

Brown paper bags are great cost efficient way of wrapping packages. Heck, in most places it’s absolutely free! The post office also prefers brown paper and usually wont accept random colored wrapped packages.

Now before you bash brown for it’s drab cheap appearance…some of the prettiest and playful packages I have ever wrapped have been from a plain old brown paper bags cut and flipped so that the printed side is faced down.

There are so many things you can do with a blank canvas like that. Stamp it, mark it, paint it, color it …heck even sticker it. The more creative you are with it, the more you amuse others who receive it. (And we all know that A muse ing = Smiles.) Adding a personal creative touch to your package shows you care. Not only that, its a cheap fun way to get a packaged wrapped and your recycling!

The post office will accept brown paper wrapped packages with touches of color.

So, don’t bash the brown. Brown is the new green and saves you some green $!

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