Blog Posts – Dumpster Diving

Blog Posts – Dumpster Diving

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I was going to go dumpster dive at a very small local college. When I got there with my 2 daughters and other family in the car, there was a policeman out by the dumpster. I asked him if he minded if we take a look, telling him we were looking for books. He said there are no books in there, but there are a ton of free books by the table in the hall by the other door. Sweet! So I take my two girls, and we go into the college by the other door. There was the equivalent of a large shipping box, half full of textbooks. As I start getting excited though, I realize that the box is for Better World Books. They have already made an arrangement with the school to have donation bins in the school, with 10% of the proceeds going to a clean water project. I sat there for a few minutes, and discussed this with my children. There were probably 1-2,000$ worth of books in this box. I explained to them that the people that donated those books expected them to go to help that cause, and that these books in fact were not free. Someone else had already made a deal, and done the work. Then we walked away. There are unlimited opportunities in this world.  I used this one to show my children how the easy answer is not always the right one.

May 15, 2017 at 11:05AM
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