Batteries not Included.

Believe it or not, one of the most common complaints or problems that people reported with their purchases or merchandise is that… “It isn’t working”.

This can mean several things. For most, it’s a simple matter of the batteries not being included or they have gone bad. Yes, things have been returned for simply not checking to see if the power source is valid by being either plugged in, charged up or even batteries replaced or put in.

Check your power source. Make sure if you place batteries in it …that they aren’t cheap ones that may already be bad. Sometimes, especially buying ones from the dollar store can have a “bad” batch.  We recently had this happen to us with our own personal camera. We thought the camera was broke and kept turning itself off, only to find out the batch of cheap batteries we bought were the reason.

Here’s a video you may find amusing…enjoy : )

Batteries Not Included 



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