About Us

Amusing Treasures was created in May of 2012. We are a home owned online business.

Our name was inspired from several different places. From the muses from Greek mythology who were an inspiration to so many… to my partner who is quite the creative muse for her writing and creative touches on so many projects. Also, “Muse” is the name that Timothy Ferriss uses in his book “The Four Hour Work Week”, to refer to a source of income that becomes established and self sustaining. This book was a source of personal inspiration.

Together, these sources helped fuel the idea of opening our store together to generate more income for our family. We both agreed Amusing Treasures was a clever name for a store front since we like to search and hunt for treasures and things to keep ourselves and others amused. It has turned out so far, to be an amusing adventure together.

We are a couple that loves to find bargains, and loves to help other people do the same! If we can help you by sharing some of our tips and ideas, we will. We opened this site to do just that.

Eventually, our goal is to automate the income generation part of our life, allowing us to free up more time and money to spend doing things we enjoy more often with each other.  We enjoy yard/garage sales, Craigslist browsing, thrift store shopping, the occasional auction and shopping for clearance deals. We also enjoy learning about how to resell the items that we find in the easiest and most profitable way.

Our merchandise is collected and bought from numerous places and tested for quality personally by us, the owners, before being listed. Our products range, but we specialize mostly in what we come to love and know most about…video games, movies, music and books…you know, *Smiles* things to keep you amused.

We hope this fill you in a little about us and our business. If you have any more questions or would like to talk about this type of business, drop us a line. amusingtreasures@gmail.com


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